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Iv been with my boyfriend for 5 months, its a long distance relationship my first to be honest. I love my boyfriend he makes me really happy he tells me he loves me to hes always happy when we talk we havent fought yet at all is that a bad thing? We dont talk for two or three days sometimes cause we're both busy, but I worry alot about him finding someone new or loosing interest in me. Iv talked to him about it and he said that would never happen and he doesnt like me worrying about stuff like that, but how can I not we live far apart and I only visit him few months in the year.What should I do to keep myself from worrying like this? 

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Seth Earby
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Well worrying is going to be natural.  Maybe you should talk to him about being gone so much and maybe the two of you can figure out a way to bring back a better state.  Katrina and I had to do the same thing we would get so busy sometimes we just had to stop and let each other know we still care:) Good luck:)


-Seth Earby Secrets to Your Fairytale Romance  Co-author

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The only thing you can do is just keep talking and see what happens..when you're in a long distance relationship like that sometimes you feel like you're feeling because you miss the person.  There are always uncertianties... I would just call him and text him and visit each other as often as possible.  If it's meant to be, it will continue on.  To keep yourself from worrying, maybe you could focus on the positives, or do something nice for him, like maybe writting him a poem or note, or drawing him a picture..or sending him a letter via real mail with your perfume sprayed on it. :) 

But if he doesn't respond back with the same enthusiasim as you you might start to wonder if he feels the same way...if he doesn't, then you might have some decisions to make about whether or not you want to stay with him... If you feel unsure about something, ask him about it and see what he has to say.  If you feel like he's telling the truth, go with it; if not, you could give him another chance, but if he does it again, go your seperate ways.

Best of luck!:) I hope everything works out for the best for you both:) Let us know if you need anything else!


~ Katrina ♥ Co-Author of Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance ~ For Teens

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chantelle grimmer
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just be open with him and let him no how strongly you feel about this he needs to no its really getting to you :) xx

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