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i have a boyfriend of three years. he is very abusive to me. one day he pushed me down a flight of stairs and i bumped my head. i can't break  up with him because we live together and we are cousins and that would make it awkward at the family reunion. what should i do?!?!?!? i'm scared to talk to ANYONE else about this! :'''''''''''(



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i have a friend that her boyfriend bullies her around 2, sorry about ur head !! i would say you should break up with him and runaway so it won't be weird at the family reunions. it's not too dramatic so just get all of your stuff and catch a cab and go as far as you wunna.

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chantelle grimmer
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get out of it screw the family reunion tell your family about what hes doing to you just call a friend and arrange her to pick you up around the corner from your house and get some things in your bag and stay with her! ive been through it dont worry it will work out fine :)

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