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Hey Guys,

So I was out on a date with my girlfriend...and we were driving along in my car, and a song came up on my iPod called A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold...and my girlfriend hated it and wanted to get out of my car! And I was like why do you want to get out? And then she called me a bunch of names! So I ended everything by calling her a b!t*h and kicking her out of my car. The next day at school I tried to make up with her and I kissed her and then she slapped me! I don't know what to do! Could any of you help me?

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Maybe she is not a fan of that type of music and those lyrics?  That is understandable.  She may not want to forgive the treatment of not respecting her choice not to listen to that music and then being kicked out of the car.  This is a big deal for a girl or even for a guy friend who didn't like that type of music.  Be prepared to accept that this is not how to treat a lady.  Look at it as a life lesson and learn from it, some good can come of it for you.  Just say to her that you are sorry and that you see it was wrong and most of all won't repeat the same thing to another friend- but only say it if you really mean it. Best of luck to you both.   


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chantelle grimmer
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its clear she didnt really love you, if she did she would just joke about it and not freak out and she got what she deserved she shouldnt of freak out ofver a song on your ipod because she didnt like it just let her go you deserve someone so much better who wont have a freak out about a song on your ipod :)

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