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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! It can be hard deciding on the perfect gift for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend...But don't worry! We're here to help with that!

 Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance - For Teens

Of course we would suggest this. ;) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have a relationship that is going strong.  So can you. Get this guide it's  Jam-Packed full of helpful tips on how to have a better relationship - Written from a guys and girls perspective. And Hey, the bright side of this? Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend will pick up a few tips on how to be a little sweeter to you. Everyone wins! 

$20 on - Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance ~ For Teens




 Ooooh Baby You sure do smell good! Justin Bieber's Someday Perfume and Cologne make great Christmas presents. They're a little more on the pricey side, but yet still do-able. And besides, you can't put a price on your special someone's happiness can you?:) 

For Girls - SomeDay by Justin Bieber

For Guys - Ed Hardy - Hearts and Daggers by Christian Audigier


 Gummy Bear Lamp!

 Man, I don't know why I love these as much as I do, but I do. You squeeze it's belly and it turns on! Adorable!


Gummy Bear Lamps on UncommonGoods





A Warm, Fuzzy Blanket

Get your "sweetie pie" a blanket to keep them warm when you can't! Make it personal...find their favorite color or favorite print, or maybe even get it monogrammed to say "______ loves ______" (Fill in the blanks with yours names, of course).

Random Blanket - Pinzon Microtec Throw Blanket






 Pick Punch!

Okay, This is just pretty amazing. You can punch guitar picks out of anything! Credit Cards, Old Records, Gift Cards, Hotel Key Cards, CDs, anything that's up to 1mm thick. This would be a great gift for a guitar playing Guy/Girl!

Pick Punch - Click Here!





Neon Bright Headphones

These are Razer Ozarka Expert Gaming and Music Headphones...Their logo is "Sound never looked so good" I believe it. They look fantastic! Perfect for the Music Obsessed Guy or Girl. Razer Orca Gaming and Music Headphones





A Fancy Razor

Give your man the gift of an incredibly smooth face this Christmas. Philips Norelco Men's Shaving System







A Drill...Or Some Other Tool

Not going to lie here, I don't know a whole lot about tools. Guys like tools though, so...yeah. O_oBlack & Decker 12-Volt Compact Drill with 20 Accessories






 Girls LOVE to get jewelry from their boyfriends. It's not just like some piece of jewelry that they bought's got more sentimental value to it when it comes from their boyfriend. They'll be bragging about it to all their friends. :) This one is almost like the one that Seth gave to me. And guys, if you're not afraid, get your girlfriend a ring! Because like Beyonce said, If ya liked it then ya shoulda put a ring on it. Silver Crystal Double Heart Charm Pendant Necklace



 Forever Lazy...

 I suppose there are many words that could be used to describe this...But I feel like the best words might just be "Absolutely Nessecary". Haha, But seriously, would you and your special someone not look adorable in these? And the best part? You can buy one and get one free. You know what that means? YOU GET ONE TOO!! 

They're cute. Buy some.




 An Off The Wall Item

Different is good! This wallet made to look like the Dots Candy is super cute! Your girlfriend can pull this out to pay for her Latte and the cashier will say "Hey! I love that wallet! Where'd you get it?" Then she can respond with "Ah My sweet boyfriend got it for me!" Then the cashier will say "Wow, I need a boyfriend like that!"Fred & Friends Candy Stash Wallet







If you really want to be romantic, plan ahead and get 2 tickets for you and your girlfriend or boyfriend to see a show together. Could be tickets to a play, a movie, a concert, a football game, etc.  








These Precision Bits

 Affordable and useful! These little bits are perfect for dealing with small screws in spaces that are hard to reach. These are only $11 bucks, but they're super helpful for the guy that likes to take things apart.Maxtech 32-Piece Precision Bit Set


The Stargazer's Identifying Scope

This lightweight handheld scope allows you to quickly and easily identify by name the 70 major constellations and 42 principal stars in the night sky during any season around the world. By adjusting the settings to the correct date, time, and latitude, then peering through the transparent map, you can quickly identify stars. 

Stargazing is romantic! And this is quite possibly the neatest scope I've ever seen. It's nice and compact so it will fit in her purse, or fit in his pocket. Everyone likes to lay in the grass and look at the stars, this will just be a step up!

$45 - Hammacher Schlemmer  





Lumadot LED Umbrella

Turn heads when you two walk down the street on a rainy day! This umbrella lights up! It's got 3 modes, off, blinking lights, and solid lights. The handle even illuminates! 

$30 - 





Well hopefully you got some inspiration from this list.

Don't forget to check out our Cafe Press shop too!

Oh, and If you have a little sister, you might want to check out "Little Love Stories" Written by 11 year old author, Isabella Kinder.

 Little Love Stories




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