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Don't Act Like You Know Everything

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 1:48 PM

Don't Act Like You Know it All


You've met her. She's the one who doesn't need to hear what the coach has to tell her about how to play the game better. She already knows what to do. She doesn't need to read that book on how to manage her time and money, she can manage fine without it, thank you very much. And she's the one who loudly voices her opinion on topics she's never even read or heard about before. She's Miss Know-It-All. Problem is, she doesn't know it all.But she doesn't know that she doesn't know it all, so when her parents try to advise her, or her teachers try to help her, or her friends try to give her constructive criticism that would help her in the long run, she won't listen.

Instead, she gets offended. She gets defensive and verbally attacks whoever was trying to help her. This girl is unwilling to open her mind. How will she ever be able to grow and become any more than she already is? She will always be percieved as one who is un-helpable.  She will be left on her own with her know-it-all ways, wondering why can't she find a boyfriend, or other friends?  Don't be like Miss Know-It-All.

  • Consider suggestions that are offered to you. 
  • Dont' be offended by constructive criticism.
  • Be willing to learn.
  • Be teachable.
  • Don't think you know everything.
  • Be open to advice, listen to people and read things that will help you.

Your relationships with others will improve when others know that you know that you don't know it all. 

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