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Making a Better Future

Posted on May 20, 2011 at 4:01 PM

 The Future

Hey everyone! What do you see when you think of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend in 5 years? Do you see a promising relationship? Or can you not see anything at all? If you answered yes to the first one, that is great! However, if you cannot view yourself with that person in 5 years something is wrong. You should be able to clearly know where the relationship is headed. If you have this problem I will give you a few tips to help out

Think of the problems now- Try to resolve the problems that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend have now. If he or she does something that annoys you, talk about it and discuss it. If it is something meaningful be sure to try to resolve it as soon as possible. There is no need to hold something that really bothers you in. Unless it annoys you because he answers the phone with his left hand and brushes his teeth with his right...

Talk often- One thing that Katrina and I do, as well as my parents, is talk about everything. School, work, friends, funny events whatever it maybe we talk about it. "Why?" "That is so stupid; I don't need to tell them everything that went on." The reason is that you get to know and understand them more. The more you discuss these problems and events in their life the more familiar you become with their personality. And no you do not have to tell them when you dropped your pencil, the dog you saw on the porch on your way home, or anything else like that. Talking about your day helps relieve stress, the more comfortable you become around your boyfriend or girlfriend the more likely you will be together in the future.

Plan and discuss together- Planning events together is a fun activity in a relationship and it is a good habit. That is the key to a successful relationship. All a successful relationship is combined multitude of successful habits. Katrina and I have a habit of telling each other everything. Every event and what we did that day. It helps to build the conversation, however, the main reason is that it lets one know what you did. This is a good habit because it prevents any other DRAMA *yeah that big D word* from starting if you know what happened already. The key is to plan and discuss events often to have a trusting relationship.

The main destroyer of relationships is trust. Trusting is easy. You just have to build it. I ask a bunch of my friends who have relationship trust issues their concerns. Most of them never, talk about their day, only talk about whatever the present is, and that one thing that they always do that makes them mad. How can you have a relationship without doing these things? You cannot! Keep in mind these points and have a great summer!





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