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Check Your Game

Posted on June 3, 2011 at 10:05 PM

Check your game

Don't rest on your laurels.  What the heck does that mean?  According to , this idiom tells us not to rely on past achievements rather than trying to achieve things now. 

So, even if you think everything is rosey and you think you're girlfriend or boyfriend is so in love with you because of your past treatment of them and now you don't need to do any sweet things for them any more because you've already won their love....maybe you'd better check your game. 

If you're getting the slightest inclination that he or she is feeling concerned about how things are'd better check your game. 

And just how does one "Check his Game?'

  A.   Don't bluff yourself.  Don't pretend nothing is wrong.  In poker those who bluff are holding a menial hand.  Make sure you aren't handing out menial crumbs of attention to your loved one. 

  B.  Don't blame anyone or beat yourself up.  The  way to behave when a sports game is lost is to graciously shake the hands of the other team and seek to improve your skills for the next competition.  Do this with your relationship as well, accept responsibility and do better.

  C.  Don't keep doing the same thing expecting to get different results.  I'm sure you've heard that this is the definition of insanity.  Change the approach.  Tackle the problem from a new angle.

  D. Don't ask why  - Ask how.  Why do I have this problem? says  "Woe is me".  How do I fix this problem? says " I'm a problem-solver".  "Why is my girlfriend saying she's unhappy in our relationship?"  As opposed to "How can I make her happy?"

    List your possible solutions.

  • Listen to her with intent to understand
  • Show interest in her activities and accomplishments
  • Be sensitive to her needs for encouragement
  • Think of your own solutions - these are just examples
  • Think of many solutions!!

  Now pick one and do it! Do something, anything different than what didn't work in the past.  And try something else if that doesn't work.  Continue this process. 

   That, my friend, is how to Check Your Game.  Do this and you have a much better chance to win.

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