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First Impressions

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 1:54 PM

First Impression

He saw her standing there.  He wanted to meet her.  He started walking towards her. She watched as he sullenly approached her, with his shoulders slumped forward and mouth in a frown. He fidgeted with his hair and twisted his shirt. With his eyes cast downward, he managed to mutter his opening remark "Man, I hate school, don't you?".  The girls response was not what he had expected it to be. He had thought that his bad boy act had went well, but the girl was not impressed. He had mangled the girls first impression of him.  How could he have improved his approach?  

  • Present a Confident Appearance Standing with good posture and make eye contact with the people that you talk to.
  • Be Calm and Relaxed Act natural! Don't be constantly fidgeting with your hair or moving your hands, it makes the people around you feel uncomfortable and awkward.
  • Smile and Be Happy The key to looking friendly and approachable is smiling. No fake smiles though, those are just creepy. As for being happy, it's been said that when you help others you yourself become happier. Spread the happiness around!
  • Be Interested In Life "Life sucks. I hate everything." No one is going to enjoy being around you very much if that's what your attitude is like all the time. Try being interested in your life and in others lives. Make positive comments instead of negative ones.  Look for the best in everything.

A first impression can make you or break you.  You never know when you are being observed.  Keep these tips in mind at all times so you can radiate awesomeness and give out a fabulous first impression.


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