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Avoiding Trouble

Posted on May 11, 2011 at 10:44 PM

How to avoid trouble

Man who could have used this information a couple months, or weeks ago?!? This tip is going to be how to avoid problem causing situations, and how to effectively resolve past issues.

In a new relationship the hardest thing to overcome is the history. Should we ever forget our history? Absolutely not! History will repeat itself if forgotten. So what is the first step?

Remember your past!- Remember what made your ex(s) mad at what you have done in the past.

The second thing is..

Forgive and forget!- Grudges are horrible! Constantly bringing up how bad a relationship was is a bad idea. You want the relationship to go somewhere positive, so you have to start positive.

And one of the most common problems...

Introduce yourself- Let the person know important things about you. But do it creatively. How else would they know that you hate cats, you are allergic to polyester thread in Nike tennis shoes, and that YOU hate it when you play with their hair? This may sound silly, not my examples, but the concept. For a literal example, think of how many times your boyfriend/girlfriend did something that you cannot stand and you got mad but they did not know. This prevents a lot of arguments, just be calm and be light-hearted about it. Just introduce your issues now calmly before they get out of control.

There are so many different things that blow the train off the tracks in under a week of being together. These are only a few suggestions, but do not be afraid to experiment and try to prevent problems in the future. - Seth



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