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4 Bits of Info to Turn Your Some-what Normal Relationship into an Extraordinary Everlasting One

Posted on May 12, 2011 at 11:20 PM

How to have an everlasting relationship

Everyone wants to find the love of their life, but what happens once you think you've found it? Use these helpful bits of information to stick with that true love you've found!

Listen - If you want you be "together forever", listening is one of the things that's really near the top of the list.  Think about it for a second, if you've got something you want to tell your partner, but they won't stop talking long enough for you to tell them, or if they just aren't really interested, it's really a downer.  You're eventually just going to give up on trying to tell them anything, and everyone knows that there's no relationship without communication. 

Be Honest - Don't be offended by my frank analysis, but no one likes a dishonest liar.  If you're looking for a long term, loving, meaningful relationship, being dishonest is not going to help you in the least bit. 

Spend Quality Time Together - Being together as much as possible is utterly important.  Unless you're in a super long distance relationship, there shouldn't be any reason you shouldn't see each other.  Being together is more special than just talking on the phone or texting (and no, even webcams can't replace face to face communication) because it helps you to feel the emotions that they're feeling. 

Make Each Other Your Top Priority -  I'm sure that in some point in time, somewhere, you've read the saying "Don't make someone your top priority if you're just their option."  I couldn't agree with this more.  If you're constantly wanting to spend time with them, talk to them, etc., and your boyfriend or girlfriend is kind of just okay with not really seeing you too often, or would be more content talking to their other friends, you've got a bad case of just being their option. 

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