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How to jump start your relationship!

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 6:09 PM

Have a wonderful relationship

Well, it is the end of May and school is out for summer! However, if you are starting out in a new relationship you may wonder what exactly to do to make it go further. Here are some tips and ideas to do so. :)

Be friendly and inviting- Of course this is kind of an elementary 'Be nice to others' rule, but it is one that is forgotten about. The object is to do sweet things for each other. Do whatever it is to make sure that they are impressed and know that you care for them. To be inviting just means that you are willing to share any activity with him/her. Ask them to go to places with you, or maybe even schedule a date somewhere.

Get to know each other- I know I have said this 1,000 times but it is so important! You need to make sure that you know each other very well. Ask a lot of things about each other such as: music preferences, favorite food, activity, TV show, etc. These things may not seem extremely important but these key little facts can help bring on some cool ideas.

Surprises!- Surprise played a big part in our relationship. We loved to buy or make something to give to each other just as much as much of joy it was to receive it. It was very nice to have something to give to give to each other and made us both feel really good about it. There are many things you can give to someone. Katrina is very artistic, so she ends up doodling a lot. So she ended up doodling a beautiful page that said “I love you” in thousands of different colors. There are many things you could make or buy, maybe the next time you are in town you could buy him/her favorite CD, some new cologne or perfume, and many other items that will make them smile.:)

Well that is about it for May, we will introduce the next Topic of the Month later in the week. If you know someone who may need relationship advice or has some problems, be sure to recommend this page. We will be glad to help anyone with their problems. -Seth



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