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Take It On!

Posted on June 3, 2011 at 8:29 PM

Problems are bound to arise in relationships and life.  It's your response to them that makes a difference as to their outcome.  One can either "Take It On" or feel Defeated and Paralyzed.  Ask yourself this hypothetical question:  "Should I risk the relationship by stating my needs concerning matters important to me or do I do nothing and quietly wait to see what happens?"

     We wind up with nothing but idle dreams unless we take action and do something.  If we put forth no energy and just sit on the couch and say "Some day....."  we are succumbing to a defeatist attitude.    Why try?  It will never work.  I'll only fail and make a fool of myself.  The hopelessness and helplessnes we feel are perfect excuses to convince ourselves that we don't deserve, can't handle or even want success.  It's much easier to to slip into inertia rather than face the hassle of attaining a goal. 

    We can blame our circumstances, other people or fate.  This way it's not our fault that we don't get the good things life has to offer.  We can decide to give up in despair and frustration when turned down for a date.  We wouldn't want to experience those feelings again.  Or -- instead we could "check our game" and make some improvements. (More about this in an upcoming article). 

     We can do nothing but wallow in our sorrow after a break-up and not move on from the relationship. Or -- instead we could fine tune our feelings and the result would be a more effective response.

    Remember, if life's difficulties are too easy, life becomes boring.  (Get ready to read the soon to come post entitled "Why Not to Say "I'm Bored".  When we are not content with what we already know and have, be challenged to form, shape and build your own life. 

     The choice is yours.  Fight for what you want or don't fight.  But you can't blame anyone or any thing but yourself if you choose not to.  Take the long view and Take It On!!


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