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How do I make my self more attractive
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Seth Earby
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Mainly by the way you approach people.  Have you ever thought someone was "cute" but they were such a jerk and mean to other people or maybe even you and made you not like them?  Or have you ever had someone maybe not so attractive that was really nice to you and you develop feelings for them?  

Attraction should be more on personality, and not on looks.  By being nicer, using proper manners, and presenting yourself in a fashionable manner are the PROPER ways to make yourself more attractive.  Best of luck :)


-Seth Earby Secrets to Your Fairytale Romance  Co-author

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Well first of all, cleanliness is key. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and bathe regularly. Try to wear clean clothes that are hole and stain free and make sure they smell good too. (Even if they don't just spray parfume on it) Keep your fingernails looking nice. Throw on alittle make-up cause guys don't like none at all or way too much make-up. They want your natural beauty to show. keep your hair looking nice and keep your skin clear, you can do this by washing your face after you wash your hair so the shampoo doesn't get on it and washing your face in the moring and at night. Also smile as often as possible cause guys like girls who are approchable:)



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