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I liked a boy back when I was 11 and he liked me back. We were like this for about 2 years. We don't do the boyfriend girlfriend thing but we hang out with other kids and we are pretty good friends. Since he's a pastor kid at my synagogue, I see him a lot. Unfortunently, we don't talk about romantic stuff anymore(excuse me at all) and I think he might like another girl now. I'm to shy to ask and I'm afraid he'll stare at me like I've lost my mind. Any advice?

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Seth Earby
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Well it is common for friends to drift apart, so there may be no reasoning to that besides of just natural occurences.  The best thing to do is ask.  Ask him about old times, ask him did he remember when the two of you were that age and ask him would you do the same thing again.  This is just a friend problem, its a natural occurence for people who do not keep in touch regularly, its perfectly natural.  But the best advice is to ask, you dont know why you dont ask :) Hope that helps and good luck :) 


-Seth Earby Secrets to Your Fairytale Romance  Co-author

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Complimenting him would be a good way to strike up a conversation, tell him that he smells nice or something of the sort :) You could give him your phone number and tell him to text you sometime, or add him on facebook and chat on there. :)  Keep us posted on what happens!


~ Katrina ♥ Co-Author of Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance ~ For Teens

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