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So, this page is for pictures, articles, recordings, etc. of Romance Answers in the news.  It's also a page for photos that can be used in other media. If you wish to interview us or something of that nature, Isabella Kinder (author of Little Love Stories) is available separately from Katrina Kinder and Seth Earby (Authors of Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance), or you can choose to interview them in a group as the Romance Answers Team.  If you have questions or need more info for interviews, feel free to email us

Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance - Authors Bios

Katrina Kinder

Katrina is a 14 year old home school student; she has studied and passed various college courses. Katrina has won many contest and awards in the past, including 1st Place in the Promote the Vote Video Contest, 1st place in the Reading Rainbow Story Contest when she was 5 years old (Her story/interview was aired on Public Radio Mississippi), as well as many art awards. She finds joy in creating all kinds of art, seeing new places, singing, swimming, and spending time with her boyfriend Seth. Seth and Katrina are the authors of the new book "Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance ~ For Teens".

Seth Earby

Seth, 17 years old (16 when he wrote his first book), is able to handle any problem in a down-to-earth manner; his charm and great sense of humor come in handy when dealing with tough situations. Seth goes to South Panola High School in Batesville, MS.  Seth is in Student Council and has been awarded the Danforth “I Dare You” Leadership award, Spiritual Leader at SLCC in 2010, as well as the Lions Club youth leadership award. When not writing, Seth enjoys playing guitar, dabbling in electronic engineering and spending time with Katrina. Seth Earby and Katrina Kinder are the authors of the book "Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance ~ For Teens".

Mid-Morning with Aundrea on WCBI

Little Love Stories - Author Bio

 Isabella Kinder

     Isabella Kinder is an 11 year old, home school student of Grenada, Ms. She enjoys writing, drawing, cooking, singing, dancing, spending time with friends and family and being outside. Isabella has won numerous contest in the past, such as; Reading Is Fundamental 2007 (first place), MPB Holiday Card contest 2008 (first place), Letters About Literature 2009 (state winner). She will continue writing, for it is something she loves to do. She is always thinking of comical and slightly dramatic descriptions of what has just happened or is happening at the moment. Some books that have inspired her are; "The Bible", Wendy Mass's "Twice Upon A Time, Rapunzel; The One With All The Hair" and Jerry Spinelli's "Stargirl" and "Love, Stargirl". "Some books make me so excited I can't pull myself away to do anything except read it!" Says Isabella.

Little Love Stories Author on WREG news Memphis!


Square Books in Oxford, MS -  STYFR & Little Love Stories Available

"STYFR" Available at TurnRow Books in Greenwwod, MS

"STYFR" & "Little Love Stories" Available at A+ Store in Batesville, MS

Working on the Romance Answers Website

Young Authors Books Now For Sale At "Books" In Grenada, MS

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